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We believe that social interaction is just as important as professional involvement. Not only do we have weekly club events, but we also offer large scale social outings.

Social Enrichment


Professional Development

Ascend Baruch has a vast professional network that allows us to host many corporate events. This allows our members to learn about the business world while building their professional network.


Our Executive Board


Louise Jiang

Executive President

Nancy Zhang

Executive Vice President

Shirley Lee


Minna Cho


Sharon Cheung

LLP Coordinator

Amanda Ma

VP of Fundraising

Sherry Chen

VP of Membership

Henry Chan

VP of Marketing

Jun Huang

VP of Technology

Raymond Tung

VP of Social Affairs


The Marketing Committee devises marketing strategies to increase Ascend's presence on campus. Members will design flyers, manage Ascend's social media platforms, design exclusive merchandise, and learn how to use marketing tools such as Adobe Creative Suite and Canva.


The Technology Committee maintains Ascend's website and launches features to better convey the range of opportunities available at Ascend. Members will build foundational knowledge in coding and programming and learn how to use industry standard tools such as Github and Slack.


The Fundraising Committee hosts the fundraisers that make other Ascend Events possible. Members will brainstorm creative ideas for fundraisers, create fundraising materials, and connect with students to inform them about what it means to be a part of the Ascend community.


The Professional Committee plans professional development events including resume/cover letter workshops, networking sessions, and professional panels. Members will have the chance to attend exclusive office visits and learn about different professional opportunities.

Fall 2019 Tech Committee Hackathon Winners


General Member

  • Access to all of our general events

  • Opportunity to develop professional skills

  • Opportunity to make meaningful connections

  • No requirements to join

Assistant Vice President

  • Access to all of our general events

  • Opportunity to gain real world experience

  • Eligibility to become an eboard member

Executive Board

  • Access to all of our general events

  • Opportunity to network with Ascend National Officers

  • Discounts on national conventions

  • Must be an Ascend National Member

Ascend National Member

  • Access to all of our general events

  • Exclusive access to Ascend Metro events

  • Discounts on national conventions

  • Annual membership fee of $25