Legacy Leadership Program

Legacy Leadership Program

What Is It?

The Legacy Leadership Program (LLP) is an intensive 10-week career development and mentorship program, where selected mentees go through a series of high-level workshops and training to become young professionals.


Mentee's Journey and Experiences

"Joining Ascend's LLP has allowed me to grow personally and professionally. All the professional workshops have provided me with important information that has allowed me to get closer to my goals! Through the program, I've met many people who continue to support me"

Danny Tam
Mentee Fall 2021

"Being a part of the LLP has helped to have an amazing head start in my career. From creating professional resumes, practicing excel to creating stock pitch presentations, the skillsets you gain will help you throughout your internships and jobs. Most of all I am thankful for the amazing mentors and mentees I met throughout this program who had provided me with a community that I can rely on. This program will help you grow and you will gain as much effort as you put in"

Julia Kaneko
Mentee Spring 2021

"Being apart of Ascend has been great for my first semester in college. Despite the rough year, I was able to push myself to trying new things and meeting so many wonderful people. I was able to make some good memories with the people I've met and I am really grateful for that"

JiaQi Liu
Mentee Fall 2021


Past LLP 10 Week Timeline

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