Legacy Leadership Program

The Legacy Leadership Program (LLP) is an intensive 10-week career development and mentorship program, where mentees go through a series of high-level workshops to become young professionals. LLP provides the necessary tools to enhance leadership and gain insight into the business world including resume-writing, networking, public speaking, case study, stock pitch, and start-up presentation. Through one-to-one mentorship, mentees have the opportunity to build a bond with their mentors and improve professional communication skills.

Lina Jin

Lina J.

I came into Baruch not knowing if I'll even like business. I knew nothing about it and was very lost. Thanks to LLP, I got an amazing mentor who helped me figure out my business path and got a glimpse at these different types of business fields while also developing my soft and hard skills.

Ricky Chu

Ricky C.

The LLP Program has helped me with interviews and allowed me to obtain an internship this summer by connecting me with opportunities that I would never have found on my own.

Benjamin Chan

Benjamin C.

LLP is useful because you can gain advice from mentors who can guide you and help you develop personally and professionally. Also, you work on various presentations throughout LLP to strengthen important soft skills while learning more about the business world.

10-Week Timeline

1st Week

Speed Networking

2nd Week

Resume and Cover Letter Workshop

3rd Week

Personal Branding

4th Week

Interviewing Skills

5th Week

Networking and Professional Email Etiquette

6th Week

Stock Pitch Presentation

7th Week

Alumni Night

8th Week

Tableau Workshop

9th Week

How to Pitch a Start-up

10th Week

Start-up Presentation